Expert coilwinding

fritec solves customer-specific tasks for industry in the field of coil winding technology. Across all sectors, we develop, produce, and test transformers and inductive components for special requirements. Wherever energy is transmitted or transformed beyond key voltages and standardized component environments, we are your first contact. We use our proven production and casting expertise in the manufacturing of individual electronic components, taking responsibility for your complex assembly work.

Reference projects

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Production

Transponder coils
Signal detection and capture

  • Choose between mains or battery operation
  • Inductance
    10 -
    10.000 µH
  • Signal range up to
    1 metre

The transponder coil for the requirements of 4th generation industries. The precise execution and winding quality permit extremely high mechanical and electrical precision for accurate transmission and reception of wireless signals. Also available for use as animal-detection chips for racing pigeons in competition, thanks to the long range and weather resistance.

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Production

Magnetic resonancecoils for
medical applications

  • Choose from mains or battery operation
  • Frequency range
    0,1 Hz to
    10 MHz
  • Inductance
    10 - 10.000 µH

Due to the delicate application in warming blankets, the air coil was wound precisely according to the manufacturer’s specifications and well bonded. Our magnetic resonance coils are used both in human and veterinary medicine.

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Production

Special construction
industry transformer

  • Waterproof, protection class IP67
  • Leistung
    60 bis 500 VA
  • Protective shut-down
    120 °C
  • Mains separation tested at
    5.000 V

Built-in temperature protection, protected against overload and incorrect use. The layer winding is precisely designed without distortions. The high-quality insulating materials and the rugged waterproof casting guarantee an extremely long service life even under tough site conditions.

Product portfolio

& inductive components

High-quality windings for precise and reliable energy transmission and transformation.

Assembly with casting technology

Qualified staff, production experience and casting technology for complex assembly tasks in the field of electronic components.

Charging technologies

Compact and highly complex, easy to use, durable, intelligently controlled – technically leading inspection, testing and charging technologies for end users and industry.

Other electronic components

Halogen transformers, hot ignition devices and much more – electronic components for special industrial requirements.

Ideas into action


Our experts are here to help, from the first stage of planning through to assembly. We will seize every opportunity to optimize your product and your processes.


Prototype and pre-production according to your requirements. Our experienced development team is not bound to key voltages or standardized parameters and component environments.


Quality products in small and medium-sized production runs. You benefit from our manufacturing, casting and installation expertise, developed over decades.

Reference industries

Light technology
Ignition systems
Measurement systems
Specialmachine construction

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